Jenny Gilbertson

unique artworks that celebrate the beauty and fragility of life

I believe it is vitally important for the human heart to recognise and acknowledge the exquisite beauty we encounter in the world around us and in our individual lives. Contemplative, serene, delicate and precious, my artworks provide a place of refuge and inspiration: a direct personal connection to beauty and joy. A celebration of the web of life. A gift of love.

Jen Forest Walk Japan 2019
Saguaro 3 (pencil on paper) 550mm x 375mm

many forms of expression

I am something of a polymorph in my arts practice, which encompasses many and varied media. Predominantly paper or canvas based, I also create with clay, wood, stone, metal and mixed media. I am fascinated by the texture of different surfaces and nuances of colour. I draw inspiration from many sources including landscape, vegetation, reflections and built structures; each facet providing a key focus of my artwork at different times. In recent years the imagery and architecture of Pueblo and Latino cultures has also strongly influenced my work.

About Jenny Gilbertson background

gathering thoughts

My sketchbooks are filled with fragments seen, touched and collected from many places. These images sometimes overlap in time and place, accidentally combining in unusual ways to generate new ideas and images. What is real, what is not?

In contrast to the constant jumble of information and imagery we are daily bombarded with, my sketchbook pages provide a slower, more selective and peaceful experience of random combinations.

These personal records of the world I encounter enable me to refer back to images and ideas again and again, to explore some of these overlaps, and to experiment with different types of media and scale.